Broadstairs Folk Week

Folk Week 2014

Folk Music By The Sea

Imagine a beautiful seaside resort with seven sandy bays and traditional atmosphere – fill it to bursting with over 500 events – and then you have Broadstairs Folk Week in August.

There's music, song and dance around the town and a special festival campsite with concerts, workshops and facilities on-site for those who prefer to be at the heart of Folk Week. A fifteen minute walk from town, the festival campsite has showers, toilets, on-site catering, the wonderful Panic Circus, children’s teatime events, country dancing and late night entertainment for Festival Ticket holders. The Social Dance programme is here too. Pitch your tent, park your car and forget about it until it’s time to leave.

Thank you to all who bought lottery tickets - the lucky winners are:

5th Prize - £100 voucher for Bottleneck - ticket number 06545

4th Prize -Hornby Hobbies Flying Scotsman - ticket number 0398  -

3rd Prize - Dinner, B & B - Royal Albion Hotel - ticket number 2037

2nd Prize - 2 x Festival (Season) Tickets to BFW 2015 - ticket - 1765

1st Prize - £1000 - Ticket number 4633


Thanks to all of you who volunteered, attended, played and danced at the 2014 Broadstairs Folk Week - we couldn't have done it without you and we look forward to seeing you all at the 50th anniversary in 2015.